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Disease Diagnostics

Sampling Procedure

The following is the proper procedure for the collection and sending of a turf grass samples as well as what should be included in the sample.

• A sample approximately the size of a "cup-cutter" or a 3 x 3 x 3 inch triangle.

• Collect sample from the area where disease is advancing - include area where the grass has symptoms and where no symptoms exist; Do not collect samples from completely dead or bare areas.

• Include roots and underlying soil (up to 3 inches thick).

• Wrap each sample in a moist (not soaking wet) paper towel and place it in a plastic bag.

• Carefully pack the samples in a cardboard box . Stuff the box with newspaper or packing material, so that the samples are held securely in the box for transport.

• Overnight shipping provides us a fresh sample and usually results in faster turnaround.

• Fill out the "Sample Submission Form" completely and place it in a plastic bag to keep it clean, and put it in the box with the sample. Please include your address and phone number.

• If you want to include photos please email to

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